Core Director: Erica Thompson, M.D.
Project Manager: Lolita Bolden, MSM

Health Education and Disease Intervention Core (HEDI)
The goal of the HEDI core is to increase access to culturally appropriate preventive health and disease intervention information, programs, and services aimed at improving health outcomes for rural disadvantaged and minority populations. HEDI programs focus on the extent to which people are informed to behave in ways that improve and protect their health, the social determinants of health, access to and quality of healthcare. The specific objective of the HEDI core is to provide community-based and educational programs designed to improve and support cultural and linguistic competency in access and delivery of health information, programs and services.

City of Refuge Christian Center (HIV Health Education/Prevention Program) – Seeks to reduce health disparity and HIV rates among African Americans.

Goals: Provide HIV/AIDS and STD prevention interventions; develop and disseminate culturally sensitive educational materials; provide access to rapid HIV testing and counseling; provide training to clinic staff in HIV/AIDS brief intervention techniques in the Greater New Orleans area.

Objectives: Obtain sexual risk assessment questionnaire tools for facilitation of intervention and measure patient outcomes; modify and implement a pharmacist-delivered brief HIV intervention in an on-going translational research study; partner with an established agency currently providing HIV rapid testing/crisis counseling; provide quarterly in-services to staff on HIV intervention techniques, latest research and issues.

Measures: Sexual Risk Assessment Questionnaire; Pre/Post test.

 Louisiana Comprehensive Cancer Control (LSU School of Health Sciences) – Seeks to reduce cancer disparities.

Goals: Establish an evidence-based comprehensive, integrated and coordinated approach to cancer control via the establishment of a Regional Cancer Control model and the use of patient navigators within Region 1 of Louisiana within the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, and .Plaquemines.

Objectives: Provide latest American Cancer Society cancer screening and early detection; offer educational information on health services available; Implement the “Ask Me” social marketing campaign to encourage providers to educate clients on the importance of cancer screening and early detection; and provide health care education for providers and other public health professional.

Measures: Data Collection to measure participant satisfaction with services.

 Improving Care Quality and Access for Asian Americans (Tulane University School of Medicine/Mary Queen of Vietnam Community development Corporation) – Seeks to improve the health of Vietnamese Americans who live in Greater New Orleans and have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and/or hypertension.

Goals: Develop interventions that improve the quality of care for Vietnamese Americans in Greater New Orleans with diabetes and hypertension.

Objectives: Identify barriers for diabetic and hypertensive care; develop replicable, sustainable and culturally appropriate clinical care models for diabetes and hypertension management and testing; and test pilot a community health worker (CHW) intervention designed to improve self-management of diabetes and hypertension of Vietnamese Americans in the Greater New Orleans area.

Measures: Focus groups; Questionnaires; and Standard Operating Procedure Manual for CHWs