The Institute for Improvement of Minority Health and Health Disparities in the Delta Region is funded by a grant from the HHS Office of Minority Health (CPIMP091054-02-01) to the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the MIGMH.  It is through this mechanism that programs are developed and supported in the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

On behalf of the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Vice Chancellor Dr. James Keeton, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to explore new ways to tackle the health disparities daunting the Delta Region States of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. These states face unique challenges in health care access and chronic disease burden.  The only way to ensure a healthy future for current and future residents is to develop unique and innovative ways of addressing the myriad of health problems we face.  The solutions and programs we offer must be based on the best science and evidence available.  In addition, they must be replicable and scalable to be effectively utilized in communities across the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, and the Nation.

With your help, we will identify model programs that work; we will increase the size of the health professional workforce; we will expand the body of research affecting vulnerable populations; we will increase health literacy for the populations we know could benefit most; and finally we will leverage health information technology to help ensure that the quality of the health care experience available to rural and minority populations is second to none.   Let’s keep our eyes focused on solutions and be the change our Nation wants to see.

Warren A. Jones, M.D., FAAFP
Founding Executive Director
Former Principal Investigator
Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine

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