Core Directors: Sean, Abram, PhD and Felicia Bowens, MSM
Project Manager: Melissa Ambrosino

Core Objectives

  • Promote the establishment of a secure, interoperable health information infrastructure that connects providers, consumers, and others involved in health and healthcare within the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
  • Provide analytical support to DRI project evaluation and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) efforts using predictive modeling software (i.e., Bayesian Modeling).


  • HIT Core in Collaboration with the Health Professional Shortage Core edits Perspectives in Health Information Management (PHIM), the peer-reviewed research journal of the American Health Information Management Associations’ Foundation.

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HIT Core Partner Initiatives

Jackson State University

Behavioral and Environmental Health Equity Project (BEHEP)

The overall aim of BEHEP is to serve as a catalyst for building 21st century public health skills for public health/health professional practitioners and organizations to enhance delivery of quality services to disparate populations including rural, underserved, and vulnerable populations in the delta regions of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Collaboration, coordination/monitoring, and capacity-building serve as the project’s foundation and are infused throughout BEHEP’s major program components of 1) collaboration/network- building, 2) public health resource repository, 3) health /public health professional needs assessment, 4) trainings, and 5)Hispanic needs assessment.

Specific Goals:

  • To serve as a coordinating project to assure access and the provision of and/or linkage to trainings and certifications and leadership skill building.
  • To monitor the size, skills, and training of workforce in each Delta Region state (MS, AL, and LA).
  • To serve as a catalyst for 21st century skills for Public Health/Health Professional (PH/HP) practitioners, organizations, and small groups through provision of innovative training in core and crosscutting Public Health skills.
  • To complete tri-state Hispanic Health Needs Assessment

DecisionQ Corporation


Specific Goals:

  • To provide access to DecisionQ’s FasterAnalytics Software, Service, and Support to researchers at the DRI.
  • Provide on-site user training session for Institute researchers, including training on software use, data preparation, and modeling techniques.
  • To provide support to the Institute in modeling data, including but not limited to: advising on data preparation, assisting in modeling process and settings, assisting in custom configurations of the software, assisting in integration of the software with other systems, and assistance in model validation and interpretation.
  • Provide support to the Institute in the development of publications by providing technical specifications for materials and methods, assistance in developing interpretation, and drafting of publications.

 HIT Core Publications and Presentations


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